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The Power of Partnership

Griffin goes beyond IT support. We understand more than just the technology that makes you run. By understanding your business goals, Griffins create the network and infrastructure that helps you increase productivity and grow.

Griffin Partnership Defined

Here’s what it isn’t: Swooping in when things are broken and your business is in a panic. If that has been your experience, then you are in for something new.

Downtime costs you – unprocessed orders, inaccurate inventory, plummeting productivity – but your partnership with Griffin means your system will work even when you’re not even thinking about it.

What Your Partnership with Griffin Guarantees

Fixed Monthly Rate

Makes budgeting simple and predictable – no surprise bills.

Service in Many Environments

Call center & on-site service as needed, including level-3 network engineer on call.

Established Escalation Policies

Help resolve advanced issues, including direct integration with preferred vendors.

Pay for Expertise, Not for Education

We already know how to do our jobs. We learned it on OUR time – not yours!

Meet Your IT Partner

Contact us today – we’ll respond promptly the first time and every single time after that for years to come.
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