Griffin Technology Group acts as your Information Technology Director and MIS Department, maintaining all of your servers and PCs, resolving any system or network issues, and providing security, redundancy and disaster recovery for any emergencies that do and will occur.
  • Brunner Sanden Deitrick Funeral Home

    “Like most businesses, our routine has been interrupted this week [due to the coronavirus] so I just wanted to thank you for ensuring that our IT services/infrastructure was the one thing I didn’t need to worry about. Your team always goes the extra mile which was especially appreciated this week.”
    Adam Sanden, CFO

  • Beacon Health (Neighboring)

    “GriffinTek is always accommodating our diverse needs, and we feel that they are a part of our company- rather than an external provider”
    Spence Kline, Former CEO

  • Sunset Industries

    “Just a personal Thank You for getting us back and running with all of our data in place. It was a long week waiting to get our system back; but now that we have it, it shows how dependent we are on it. We truly appreciate your support and service.”
    Tony Hauptman, General Manager

  • Trivisonno CPA Inc.

    “We all would like to thank you for your support and assistance this past tax season. It went so much better than the prior year and I will go out there on the limb and say…..one of the main reasons is because we didn’t have any computer issues. Your service was instrumental in our success these past few months. When compared to last tax season… head over heels above. Thank you for being there for us through it all and thanks for being part of our team!!!!”
    Pam Trivisonno, Founder

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Griffin Technology Group is your trusted source in Managed IT Services.