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Unlimited Monthly Maintenance

If your company’s Information Technology infrastructure is unmanaged and impossible to budget, or you are unhappy with your current Information Technology provider, Griffin Technology Group will gladly step in and resolve all of your outstanding Information Technology issues.

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Outsourced IT department services provide a unique range of solutions

  • Immediate Action

    NOC/Call Center coverage hours from 8AM-6PM, Monday-Friday; UNLIMITED direct access for all of your staff/end-users- with an actual progress response within 15 minute!

  • ZERO unscheduled downtime

    Any system invasive work that requires service interruption or downtime is scheduled for and performed during your non-production hours, including on-site projects

  • 24 Hour Emergency Support

    All servers and critical systems are monitored 24×7 with emergency response and required client facility access

  • Vulnerability Avoidance

    Continually evolving infrastructure security included and implemented at a minimum of 6 primary levels of protection

  • True Redundancy

    Full server system image backups with snapshots every 15 minutes, stored locally and replicated offsite; always encrypted both at-rest and in-motion

  • Team Integration

    CIO/CTO representation participating in regular administrative level organization meetings and maintaining a 60-month budget, reviewed semi-annually


Our unlimited maintenance program includes

  • Full and complete VAR services, providing purchasing of all hardware and software including licensing and subscription management
  • Management of all of your domains & SSL certificates, including domain name services, email AV & SPAM filtering, WordPress website hosting
  • Entire staff is full-time direct-hire working in the network operations center, dispatch, response and projects, with additional availability for as-needed project assistance
  • Standardization and implementation of best practices will be performed within the first 90-days of the contract term for your entire IT infrastructure
  • An additional insurance policy, so when an ‘act-of-God’ occurs, you are not billed any additional labor for recovery beyond what your primary insurance covers
GriffinTek is always accommodating our diverse needs, and we feel that they are a part of our company- rather than an external provider
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